Patient  A


A is

       Loved management

       Their favourite teacher

       The Allotment Champion

       Hawking's governor

And now in here

A is

       The first day lab monkey

       A propped lung swamping

       Labouring at the chart's top

       Throttled for every


A is also

       Their flash-bang toddler

       Flanking my breaths

       Without a neural convention

       The drill is 'How come you can walk?'

Is A

       Jealous of my living?

       Needing it to rub off on the rest of them?

       Desperate for his own

       to get here for visiting time?

       Coded to keep in sight

       as much of it as he possibly can?

And now in here

A 'I'

       Want to reach across to you

       Rally living to push through to your possibility

       Herd forward my consent

       for you to examine me

       Worry you may think that I am just showing off