Drawn From These Truths


Dog had bought assets to the others

The others had been tested in the last migration

There were injuries

[as there are in migrations]

Horse learned that love holds risk

Dog had learned this too

Even though Horse could nip and kick

Dog held Horse's love

They shared love

Rabbit searched for the next world

Dog knew what it was to search

Even though Rabbit sought a different world

Dog revered Rabbit's sight

Both their world's were visible

Ox was resolute and head strong

Dog had been raised to become this

Even though Ox was bovine

Dog saw their genus as shared

Their bloodline was one

And Monkey was charged with their care

Dog honoured the others' priority

Even though Monkey was born to the others

Dog too was held by her given beauty

At the world's end her image would soothe Dog

But Dog had also bought liability to the others

stirring migration to ready once more

There would be more injuries

[as there are in migrations]

                      But they had all evolved

                      with new strengths

                      drawn from these truths

                      So the migration began