Chrome Dome


There were no other humans

on the basement level

[There were none on any of the levels]

On crossing it's center

a primal radical triggered emotive lacrimation

[Shedding of tears arousing intense feeling]

This radical was charged with annihilation coding

originating beyond the concious or unconcious

It is latent neonate survival coding

The emotive lacrimation amplified

After sealing access to the basement level

empirical investigation was consented

The larynx was sanctioned for sound emission

increasing rapidly in volume and wave frequency

to a state of sobbing at 40% titration

Connect with inherent annihilation heightened

body biochemistry appreciably altered

resulting in inaugural transmuting of core truth

Sound emission then elevated to wailing

titrated to 55%

Lacrimation now approached epidemic

The basement level was transversed again

alighting at Chrome Dome

where augmented visual observation commenced

Chrome Dome established 3 key conclusions:

1 The crying face was actually endearing

2 Visual observation honored annihilation connect

3 The connect was linked to the 12 year old boy

Chrome Dome identified 3 key questions:

1 Did you like me before you died?

2 Did you like me before I was asked to leave?

3 Did I like myself in context of each relationship?

An intense empirical experiment

in the transmutation of archival truth

through biochemical lacrimation release

                                      Do - Pa - Mine

                                      Do - Wail - Mine

                                      Do - It - Mine