Too Clingy


He is a beetle

He has not openly stated his goal

For some time now [it's reported]

he has been trying to self right

But he must have dozed off in the briefing

or been issued a faulty righting unit

because he is shit at it

              His inverted pacing is constant

              No bursts of panic

              No pausing to invite any doubt

              He is focused

I remember when I first saw him

heading back to the pool

I received a handover on the situation

Following     three ___ paused ___ thoughts ___

I offered to help

I focused on the fact that no one had said

              'Do not touch those

              samurai armoured

              dish antennared

              chunky arse beetles'

              So ___

after turning his substantial mass rightways

I set down my airlift palm and he strolled aboard

Targeted destination:

              under a bush

              He was such an enticing freak

              Totally grateful

              Completely co-operative ___ Until

              he just became a little too


As his grasps of preservation increased

pinning my hand through his 6 barbed legs

I heard instruction from my instinct libraries

              'Put the

              samurai armoured

              dish antennared

              chunky arse beetle down'

I turned over my hand ___

He tightened his innocent grip

I shook my palm downward ___

He held on more mightily

A switch in my urbanised brain was then thrown

and with a pulse booming recoiling flick

his olive-self barreled away through our air

              Embarrassed ___

              I made an apology

              for my out scaled reaction

And now back on the tiled walkway

he did take a pause

perhaps checking in with the reference

of his own survival library

              Then immune to resentment

              and as if time was un-necessary

              he ambled off ___

                                               up the right way




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Too Clingy