So Noice in Noice


It's noice in Noice

                             Les piss pink pavements

                             Chien shite trowlings

                             Cross Rue de Death Loom

                             and hit Rib Break Beach

They love a spot of

the old parasailing

So va faire cool

off Blondie's V8 cock

                             Brit birds mangle

                             out gut winded cackles

                             Keeping sisterbull front

                             the bluffer to play

Short back and wanker

thick slick over pebbles

The polluted obsession

to self fuck ___ himself

                             Enfants in needless pants

                             thrash in the shallows

                             Stuffing down croissant

                             to hock phlegmageddon

And with decades au naturel

the silver crew breasts

converse in chewed beauty

with times stiffening gaze

                             And bien sur

                             they are all loving this being

                             In Noice ___ so noice

                             So noice ___ in Noice

Husband and wife in Noice

Bronzed two in Noice

Love truth in Noice

We'll be back

Our sight giving Noice