The Silvermen

Finding themselves

Each of them a shortlisted read

like many others

Same roots

Different routes


                  from listening

                  from our capitals

                  from across the salted oceans

And for the Silvermen

the clearing

could be a clearing

                                Of the abandonment

                                The blooded hate of majorities

                                Of separation from She

                                from He

                                from We

                                from I

                                and I

                                The clearing could be a clearing

                                of the pure risk of yearning

Cleared so their mongrel wisdom

[in its written patience]

could combine

and gather

and cut

through this unstoppable sprawl

                            a different path

                            for the Fairmen

                            for the Redmen

                            for the Blackmen

                            and the Skinmen

                            Cut a different path

                            the Silvermen