Serious Ramper Can Man


I'm a serious ramper can man

I've got a serious ramper can plan





I plan to ramp

and aim them at 49 double decker fusses

lined up in The People's Radium Stadium

                               [Radium  88Ra]

                               [Atomic mass #  226]

                               [Heat of fusion  8.5 kJ/mol]

Then The Blue Bus

and Me

we'll clear the bleedin lot of them

The Blue Bus

and Me

arcing through the gawped sky

Tracked by grounded hopers

                                    who foresaw all four

                                    in a glide slope anomaly

Tracked by grounded spiters

                                    who strained for the plummet

                                    of this blink of flesh

                                    [that I currently am]

Tracked by our silvery white vapoured chorus

                                    trailing through the lent air

                                    into the rarest opportunity

                                    to amass

                                    at this atomic reunion

                                    So long

                                    since we were together

                                    The Blue Bus

                                    and Me

                                    At our birth

What a ramp of cans

What a ramper plan

To soar through our billionth form

In love with the billion born

that We were

that We are

that We will be