When I first met him

I saw he was so filled with love

that it has spilled over

into worry


and grief

                 As I watched him paint his experience

                 I saw more of the view he held

                 A very clear view

                 focused strongly

                 on the love for his loved

When I sat down with him

I felt his bonds

to the woods

the fields

and the animals that lived there

An integrity exchange

Communication from each birth

between the most living

When he talked about sleeping in the woods

picking the now

climbing to the top of the trees

I wanted to find a wood for myself

to sleep in and eat in and be

                 Beautifully removed

                 to be beautifully clear

He told me he climbed pylons

I'd never met anyone who climbed pylons

My thoughts snagged

on the risks and dangers that had meant

nobody climbed pylons

                 He explained

                 'You just don’t touch the cables'

I imagine my trembled climb

and the rarest reward that view must return

                 When I think of him

                 he is on top of his pylon

                 Perched for hours in the wind

                 above the fields and woods

                 where his love and his loved

                 all fly

                          ______ free




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