Numping       a dance phenomena that in 2006

                       saw The Soul Tree in Madbridge

                       the venue for the shaking of history

                       An unrepeatable night

                       where Tommy Lips

                       joined numping founder Joejo

                       in crushing the dance floor

                       to diamond

They burnt it

with a relentless wave of kinetic ballistica

that left the innocent people present

shaken from reality

and blown

into an olfactory bay of stilled belief

When they had delivered this raw destiny

these two chosen men of Earth floated

from that place

drifting into the night

handing themselves over

to the ultimate authority of All Existence

                       And All Existence acknowledged

                       that they had left

                       an unfillable ding

                       in the wing

                       of humanity

Ech gi gären an d'disco

I like going to the disco




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