A New Bride For The Sea


           Then they were married

           A new bride for The Sea

           As She lept from the shore

           The Sea spoke to her eyes

You are sunlight

reaching through my waters

spawning new appetites

through my thought inoculated life

You kiss birth across my shallows

and now every colour shoals

through your teeming opportunities

           And this beauty of you I wed

           But I am The Sea

My power is the crown of this Earth

My unstoppable currents

will take your innocence

and sweep it away

to the unmeasured depths of everything

           I am The Sea and you are nothing

And this married truth

will bare our most beautiful child

So from your honest step

I take your marriage band

And I will hold it

for the rest of now

in the heart of my sands

along this held red coast

as the Father of love manifest