Knot The Not
Thinkless Outwritings


We'll probably find the master bind has been hanging from your trust pisser blind since the Popular Peach Boy pickings of the Sweet Berries from right under any kind of hope that you might have gathered up from the demolishment of what should have been set out for you and every other stamp child or knotable mind | knot the not | so the predicted pace plotting revenge itinerary and the spit snap back of your head tilter intrigue could have both stood a chance to inch towards the connect of male holding and be bunkered from the sighted spin twister which instead left its bed in a push scripted tread to sweep them right off the floor and into a deep jarring with the stooped rib backs of the last Mister and the current Missus making incisions for their decisions to call The Filth and escalate their pitched and simmered dry concerns that something fucked might just be about to happen to Us All