Every Single Drop


The Earth stirred

The Earth stretched

The Earth awakened

                  The Earth had been dreaming

The dream was so beautiful

that The Earth shed two tears

Power pooled in the first tear

which fell in the upper hemisphere

forming The Sea of the North

Earth's rhythms and ways

were set in its tides

Then love pooled in the second tear

which fell in the lower hemisphere

forming The Sea of the South

Earth's creatures and life

were spawned in its depths

Looking down on The Earth

The Moon watched the two seas

Giving up its perfect orbit

The Moon took on a new elliptical path

pulling the northern sea

down to the waters of the south


Life in this combined sea bloomed

Life drifted to touch the shores

Life took a breath

and stepped out onto the dry lands


The water of Earth's first tear

rose from the sea to become clouds

falling forever more

as rain for the thirsty land below

This shift triggered a swelling in the southern sea

and three new oceans were formed

                 The first flowed West

                 The second North

                 The third to the East

And their waters continued to give life

to all of Earth

so life could thrive in the seas

and life could thrive across the wetted lands

And for the rest of time

not a single drop of Earth's water was lost

                                                       or taken

                                                       or left

                                                       or forgotten

Every single drop just became

From The Oceans every drop became the clouds

From The Skies every drop became the rivers

From The Lakes every drop became

                            The Earth's new creatures

                            and The Earth's new forests

From the beauty of a tear

came the beauty of a most precious dream

Earth's two tears

                             became Us All