Tusker is trying to balance on a target

that is wrapped up in rules

a target shaken by testing tremors

with examined results and consequences

He is perched wobbler high

on its tall and stressful summit

This is certainly a tricky target

Not a brand that Tusker feels ‘King Skills’ of

Just a few ticks tocked

and the target starts demanding

and Tusker watches himself handing over

                    his ripple calm brow

                    the ping bounce of his heart strides

                    and the pillowing warmth

                    of his steady flow breath

With every further tick tocked on top of the target

Tusker wants off

So he squeezes his mind in its middle

and an escape bubble forms in the now

                    Sequencing a reboot

                    to the brightest pixel dawn

                    the bubble invites Tusker to flee

Inside the bubble

                             time is stunned

                             in sponged stillness

Outside the bubble

                             the beginning


                             and end of all happening

                             bounce off its shell

And all from tapping whispers to spit whistles

are silenced

at its borders

[affective as the thickness of oceans]

Swaddled by the bubble

Tusker is given the elastic space

in which he can convert

                                        weight into warm wave

                                        pressure into fantasy

                                        anxiety into escape

And the bubble carries Tusker

             one trip round the sun*

Below Tubha gazes up

focused by his most patient aim to connect

Chewie has seen the orbit of such bubble's before

This may be some wait

He moves on _______

immunised by his appetite for now

And the bubble carries Tusker

           two trips round the sun*

And as it passes overhead

an itch in Tubha's brain prompts him to rise

                               He moves on to connect

                               where other connects

                               are connecting

                               through connection

And the bubble carries Tusker

         three trips round the sun*

But each circuit now drains

the waking from his eyes


           frozen moments begin to shard

           and judder free


           and venting splintered seconds


           a fierce crack of erupting time

           scorches Tusker's unblinking concentration

           and a roasting wave of exhaustion

           rips across the back of his eyes

Fighting to cling on

Tusker slips from the edge of consciousness

and he drops

blanketed in booming silence

                                                 He is fallen

In the time it takes a wasp to sting

[or it may have been the time needed

 to raise a universe]

awakening floods

from every part of Tusker's being

The bubble is burst _______ and Tusker

                   is spilled from its trapping gut

                   He sits



                                  Empty footprints

                                  a clue to the lost time

                                  kidnapped in the bubble




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