Brown Hare


                     Brown Hare knew

                     as he entered our clearing

                     this was no kind of dare

                     so this was no kind of fearing

I sat reading

about Man's search for meaning

Brown Hare was out

due to Hare's need for eating

                     [Brown Hare


                      just right

                      for the evening]


                                       it's possible

that Brown Hare

couldn't see Me blended into

the steel shrubbed overgrowth of the panel van

                                       It's possible

So Brown Hare

No dare

No care

Just 4 feet from My motionless stare

He remained in his idling gallop gait

Across My anterior reach and back again

I think then Brown Hare's equipment

picked up waves from my fix

Idling gallop gait switched

to moderate bound gait

Up in pace

But no need to race

Just a pulse of auto-impulse

to guide his exit from our union space

Then Brown Hare arced under the electrified wire

and rounded the coarse bushes

                                       I returned to my book

Its words kissed by the Dane evening

Its pages illuminated by the dusked delight

of Brown Hare watching Me watching Brown Hare