81 Today


My day today was the snapped elastic of 1981

Time shon the sun on this light creeping recoil

and we were sat amongst vinyl

                                                    and orange

                                                    and brown

               Time wasn't going to eat a morsel

Because Time's knees were grazed

to the ligament

on the finding that

'the 46 year old now boys' store fat instantly

very different to 'the 11 year old then boys'

who just grinned fat off

in the short pauses between thinking about tits

               Time though does truly loves us

Time sits at the head of the dreamerlip board room

and tells us the fantastical fantasy

of its fantasised fantasies

Bassline figures deliver it pressed




               Time is going global

We are Time's bedroom mirror

We are the hairbrush in Time's teened up fist

We are these things because Time is a hero

The fly sat on the rim of the non-standard lamp

hasn't actually got dog shits in her belly

like most polled people expect

She has actually got chirizzo everyone

             She sees 11 year olds

                                                  in time

                                                  in sane

                                                  in awe

                                                  in their own rights

                                                  in love

                     Boys of big good

                     Two on 2 wheels