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True Horse is the creator of organic herbal infusions that help your horse feel and perform at their best.

100% natural ingredients of the highest quality are skilfully blended to create a range of 'teas' that are added to your horses daily feeds.

Each scientifically developed tea in the True Horse range responds to a specific wellbeing and training need of your horse.

So let's unlock your horses true potential.

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Introducing Truecalm.

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The first of our True Horse Teas.

Truecalm Horse Tea has been scientifically developed using organic herbs. Steeping the herbs overnight allows optimum availability of the active compounds.

Truecalm is primarily used as a training aid and to help a horse relax and listen.

Truecalm supports the horse to process a situation or task, reducing the need to startle and spook.

The True Horse Shop provides a simpler, safer way to buy True Horse products online.

We use PayPal which couldn't be easier. You don't need a PayPal account.

Purchase your Truecalm Horse Tea by clicking 'Buy Now'. Then either 'Log in' to your PayPal account or 'Check Out as a Guest'.

It's as simple as that.

30 Day Bag. 750gm. £27

P&P within UK. £3

P&P outside UK. £8

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As Truecalm contains valerian, competitions governed by FEI and BEF need a 24 hour withdrawal prior to competing. Truecalm is simply blended and brewed to support good practice, training and management.

Do not feed to pregnant mares.

How we brew our True Horse Teas.

The active ingredients of True Horse Teas are maximised when steeped in hot water. Just like any tea.

All of our herbs are organic and of the highest quality. They are ethically sourced and routinely analysed to ensure compliance with the Soil Association organic certification requirements.

So you can be absolutely assured that your horse is getting the best when you're brewing True Horse Teas.

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Weigh out 25 grams of tea into a mug, then fill to the brim with hot water.

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Leave to brew overnight.

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Split the brew [both the liquid and herbs] between your horses two feeds.

True Horse is the creator of organic herbal infusions that help your horse feel and perform at their best.

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